Saturday, 14 February 2009

Update - 14th February 2009

Well, after all that I said in the text below about not going again, we already booked for next year, albeit in a compact cabin on a 2 for 1 deal which gives 14 nights of cruising for about £1000 for the both of us. More than last time, but with the offer I still think it's a good deal. So look out in Late September for further updates to this site....
(update 4/4/09)
...and now I'm no longer going on easycruise again...

Please, if you are reading this blog, be aware that EasyCruise have completely re-vamped their cruising concept as of the end of March 2009. The cruises we had booked for this coming September that were to have followed a similar format to that described in this blog, have been cancelled, to be replaced by shorter 4 and 3 day cruises that visit a couple of destinations each day for a few hours, and spend much more time "at sea" on the boat. Apparantly the original cruises were not selling too well and this is the company's attempt to attract the more traditional cruising set. I am doubtful they will succeed as I think it's the facilities and luxury of the bigger cruise ships that attract the customers, rather than the high prices and crap intineraries which are the features EasyCruise seem to have copied. Easycruise Life simply does not have the facilities to support spending any length of time aboard ship.

Needless to say, although offered an alternative cruise for the dates we had originally booked, we have instead chosen to cancel for a refund.

So please bear in mind if you are reading on, that the cruise as described on this site no longer exists in this form.

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